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Thread: Contra Dance in Princeton NJ tonight

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    Contra Dance in Princeton NJ tonight

    Playing with Rum & Onions contra big band tonight for a dance in Princeton. (It's a warmup for New England Folk Festival this weekend, but I won't be making that one.)

    Any other contra dance musicians/dancers here?

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    I occasionally attend a monthly pickin' party/contra dance here in CT. Mostly I jam there but when I bring my girlfriend we do some contra dancing. Lots of fun. One time I got roped into playing guitar with the dance band....not really my style but I have a friend who plays banjo with them and there was a lack of guitar players around that night so to save him from having to strum rhythm guitar I did it.

    Extremely unfortunate is that a young guy (21 years old) was killed there by a drunk driver who veered off the road while he was walking out to his car. This was last Christmas night and they have not held the event, Bethany Music and Dance, since. I am hoping it resumes when the weather gets nicer, but I don't know if it will.

    Have fun tonight.

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