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Thread: Veillette Guitars?

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    Veillette Guitars?

    I've been seeing these for sale more and more ... 12-string baritone, 12-string an octave up, double necks - ... has anyone played one? Whataya think?

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    I've played them at the NAMM show. Beautiful guitars, excellent craftsmanship. As referenced in your posting he seems to tend toward "out of the ordinary" configurations. Given the relatively high price point of his stuff, I'd have to already own a lot of guitars before finding a place for an 8va 12 string. I have played a solid body 6 string acoustic/electric of his that I thought was first rate and over the top good looking.
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    Also enjoy visiting his booth at NAMM...for the last 15 years...from when the guitars were all made in his shop...he makes some lovely instruments...the current Avante line he's added that are outsourced all manufacturers are doing...are more affordable versions of some of his popular models...well done and very playable...I can only dream all these years of owning one of his custom instruments...Joe knows that, yet being the very nice gentleman he is, he always lets me play them a bit anyway.

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    Interesting. Didn't know them. Strange looking to me however, not sure I would like the look.

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    I saw them up close a few months ago at the Woodstock Invitational Guitar Show in Woodstock, NY and spoke to Joe Veillette at length. They look and play beautifully.
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