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Thread: 7 Things They Didnít Tell Me When I Started Playing Guitar

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    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    3. Playing under the influence actually makes it harder

    On the other hand, there is a regrettable story involving being under the influence with a sousaphone in a marching band....
    LOL... I enjoyed that one!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Opsimath View Post
    1. There will never be enough guitars

    Just last week I was called a junkie by the lady who has her lesson after mine, she has only one guitar, but now I think I understand. I am not a junkie, just more appreciative of the different voices of different instruments.

    I have four guitars. When I play one I feel sad for the other three being left out. So, I try to play all four in the course of a week. Adding another would add severe angst because I feel connected to each of them as if they are part of my personal existence. Each one is worthy of my attention. On the other hand I'm weird and proud of it.

    If you can't laugh at yourself, someone else will do it for you.

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    Wow, it's like I've just had my horoscope read ;-)

    I've been playing, collecting, fussing, devoting my life to a "few guitars" for a few decades and hope to have many more. Whether I own them or not, I'm a caretaker of fine vintage guitars as they come my way though life, and I will try to make any playable for a friend, regardless of pedigree. In retrospect, I'd have to say I'm seriously guitar crazy, have been since I was in my teens in the 70's.

    I even play them, sometimes ;-)

    Anyway, the junkie thing is just too funny...

    One thing is for sure, for me, while playing guitar has been a really important part of my life that really took off around 1980 (when I started to go Electric and playing lead, really changed my life, and I got obsessed with it), but it's not the just music that really gets me, it's the GAS.

    It's the buying/selling/trading, the thrill of the chase, restoring (I'm a born tinkerer, when I'm not fixing something, I'm inventing something), really just really a long road to my dream instruments, which I am still walking. To me, it is an escape from the whatevers of life, you just about forget about everything else, and that's a good thing because it allows you to focus, and learn about yourself in the process.

    You know, I'm here because I'm waiting for a guitar in the mail, and last night when I went to sleep, all I have to do is think about "that" guitar, and it's like you're on a high... like dreaming about a girl, puppy love in high school...

    Yep, definitely a little guitar crazy.

    You can probably get a prescription for that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guildedagain View Post
    You can probably get a prescription for that...
    Nope, this is above and beyond cure for what ails us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killdeer43 View Post
    Nope, this is above and beyond cure for what ails us.

    I understand some amazing results have been achieved with bagpipes.

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