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Thread: 1963 98 rt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Ashton View Post
    Never played a tweed Tremolux (though I have an EL84-based one, as well as own a blonde '64), and I would hesitate to compare the Guilds to that...always thought that if a 66-J sounded like a tweed Tremolux, there was really something wrong with the Guild!
    Interesting thanks Bill. I got that Tremolux/ampeg mercury info from the GGJaguar Guild site. Maybe he just meant the designs are similar (trem no reverb, and other features). I've never heard a tweed 50s tremolux, but I've heard the vibrolux and that one sounds nice. I have heard 2 66-Js and they are definatley that tweedy creamy meaty tone. Mine sounds great , just needs some luv.

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    Steve, or anyone else...which tube is the reverb tube(s)? 6SN7s? thanks!

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    The 2 x 6sn7 tubes are the reverb send and recovery.
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    thanks! she is sounding pretty nice but i may go for some freshies.

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    thank you!

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    Neato. I love the early '60s Ampegs…didn't know the 98 RT was in that ballpark. I have a Super Echo Twin (two Reverberockets in one cabinet) that I often play my Bluesbird through. Guess it makes sense that they'd work so well together. :)

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    Just to clear up some web misinformation promulgated by the Ampeg clip above, the Reverberocket was not introduced until mid-1961. It is neither a '59 nor a '60.

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    Sold to Default, enjoy!

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