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Thread: 1963 98 rt

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    1963 98 rt

    1963 98 RT

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    I know they are total different animals but which Guild amp sounds the best or which one do you prefer?
    Guild On!

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    I think it depends what you are using them for. also not sure if you are asking about my amps specifically, as they sit right here right now- how I like them, or those different models in general, apples to apples? The 66-J, for example, will need a full servicing and speaker job, or else I will have to get a different one if I want to keep it all orignal. It cannot meet its true potential the way it sits right now. I have heard 66Js in all their glory though...I dont think u could go wrong with any of the Guild amps I own. I think the Thunderstar/Superstar is the most easiest to find,and my Thunderstar is the smoothest sounding of all of them, if that makes sense. it also has 2 channels with 2 inputs each which is great if u have a pedal rig for the clean channel and a straight path for the reverb. they all sound similar in a way but different of course as well. the tremolo on the Mavereick and 98 RT is super surfy wavy. the trem is more "structured" on the Thunderstar. but the Thunderstar has never been worked on/recapped and the mav/98 RT have. not sure if that has anything to do with it. It (Thunderstar) does not sound like it needs any service or anything at all, it just has a different trem, more like a Fender tremolo/vib sound.

    however if you want a small one the 66J is by far the smallest, just no reverb, and the stock speaker is low watts so not so good for pedals. The tweed Fender Tremolux is a 4 figure amp and it is said the 66-J and Ampeg Mercury basically sound just like it.

    Each amp needs one or 2 little things and i hope to chip away at it in 2014 and see how good each of them can sound. so far they sound pretty good and I havnt done anything, so I'm pretty happy. There may actualy be one or 2 others on the radar, so like many others on this forum there may be some changes in the collection, we'll see. Space is becoming an issue so one or 2 guitars and/or amps will have to go, if i get any more new toys...or else aquire them with the intention of passing them on to someone interested here, or somewhere other than my apartment. I just couldnt pass any of these up!
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    the 1962-1963 Guild 98 RT is a clone of the 1959-1960 Ampeg Reverberocket, as seen in this video:

    although the video hardly does it any justice, that is exaclty how the Guild sounds. That would all knock you over if you were standing there live

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    Hard to go wrong with the J's although the speakers aren't up to the task for overdriving the amp. Considering that jazz was a zero distortion kind of music, the amps were never designed to be turned up until the powertubes started to distort. The Thunderbirds however, were supposed to be cranked. :-D
    Here is a redrawn and corrected schematic of the 98RVT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Default View Post
    Hard to go wrong with the J's although the speakers aren't up to the task for overdriving the amp. Considering that jazz was a zero distortion kind of music, the amps were never designed to be turned up until the powertubes started to distort.
    I concur. My '60 99J, paired with my X-170, gives the warmest, smoothest, buttery sound I've ever heard. The perfect jazz combination. It struggles to branch out to anything raunchy. It can get there somewhat, but you can tell its not it's native tongue.

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    I forgot I mention there are 2 versions of the 98 RT- a 12 inch speaker and a 15 inch. Mine is the 12.

    Also to add to my above thoughts on the Thunderstar, one of the big reasons I got it is for such a powerful and amazing sounding amp, it is a luxury to just have 1 (12 inch) speaker. It makes maintaining/replacing it much easier and less expensive than 2 or 4. And u have a lot more options of which speaker since u only need to pay for, or in a rare/vintage scenario-find, one. For just one speaker that thing sounds pretty unreal, and is still heavy but noticeably lighter to carry than a fender super reverb (which is a touch smaller but has 4x10). And it just has this thick smooth sound to it. It's a tone monster but really they all are. Thunderstar is just cool though, if u can live with the size.

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    I would agree with Chris. I got my 66-J in 1968 when it was about 5 years old...ridden hard and put away wet though I suspect...but I used her all through jr. high and high school bands, even some college...always loudish and 18-watt Marshall or tweed Deluxe it would not emulate. Always thought it to be about 14 watts (standard for a properly biased 6V6 pair) but turns out it is really 20 or so, BF Deluxe territory. The 99-J does not blow you away, but is somewhat louder, maybe "fuller." Any distortion is from the Oxford speaker. With a Fulltone OCD I think it could be just about the perfect electric guitar amp (forget about that tweed Bandmaster!).

    Never played a tweed Tremolux (though I have an EL84-based one, as well as own a blonde '64), and I would hesitate to compare the Guilds to that...always thought that if a 66-J sounded like a tweed Tremolux, there was really something wrong with the Guild!

    Only 98RT I have ever heard was at a guitar show in the mid 90's, Providence RI area, first Guild like mine I had seen...ever!...guy was playing harp through it. OMG, the angels were singing...or at least very close at hand!
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    Nice amps!

    I haven't delved into the early 60's Guilds......but have come close.
    Well before finding the '57 Sonola I nearly bought an early 60's Guild/Sonola similar to the 98T above (or perhaps a 99J).... had the square grey cab and big block lettered Sonola badge instead of the Guild.

    I'm assuming that the Ampeg connection/circuitry/schematics makes these less of a can of worms to restore than the 50's Guilds?


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