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    Trying to catch up with a few days off work, but man the project list get long in a hurry!

    Ok, I'm fixing some of the weirdness as I'm finding it. Still have to get the smilies fixed, but is everything else functioning ok again?

    Edit: smilies are back.

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    Everything looks great from the left coast!

    Thanks for all your continuing efforts to make this the best stop on MY computer!
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    THANK YOU, as always, Don!

    Everything seems to be OK, again!

    All the best,

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    Thanks for all your hard work, Don. The Guild banner is back and so are the smilies!! Things seem just great!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Tom in Vegas

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    Advanced Search also works again! Great!

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    What they said!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dklsplace View Post
    Edit: smilies are back.
    Thanks, man!

    Apparently dates are messed up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cougar View Post
    Thanks, man!

    Apparently dates are messed up.
    No, this is just a really old thread. BUT.......the recent server migration by the host unlocked some new gremlins which required some additional effort to correct. The last piece was to happen around 4pm EST today. I haven't heard any bad news from the host, & it wasn't supposed to take that long. Looks like the smiley packet is gone again, but it needed an upgrade anyway.

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    So is the site just a hosted website and not a server?
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