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Thread: Fixing dead links

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    Fixing dead links

    Since we completed the move, a number of "reference" threads have useless links as the URL's used for links were based on the old format. Unfortunately, there's no magic button that I can push to correct them. The original author of the post containing dead links can edit, & manually update the links to point to the correct thread in the new system.

    I've made a short video to visually walk you through the editing process. Best to view it in full screen mode.
    The rundown:
    Select the Edit Post tool at the bottom of the post box.
    Open the Advanced Search in a second tab or window. Hopefully your original link contained all of the keywords you need to find the correct post.
    Once you have found to correct reference thread, note the URL. You can either remove the added search criteria text before copying the link, or copy only the beginning of the link through the end of the 6 digit number which is that particular thread ID. ( Now, the thread title can also remain (...showthread.php?177730-Scheduled-Network-Maintenance) but the keyword search criteria should be removed.
    Back in the edit screen, highlight the link & make sure you select the Unlink function first.
    Finally, select the Link icon & paste the URL of the correct thread.
    Select OK, then click Save.

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    I decided to try and write a new post to allow QVart's excellent S100 post ( to be updated. The problem is that I can't figure out how to get the old links converted. Your recommended scheme does not work for these links.

    Example from that page:

    The old URLs have a "f=" and a "t=". Using the (in this case) 4-digit number doesn't work, and I can't seem to find any reference to make it work. Since I don't have access to the database or your code, I'm sort of stuck.

    Any recommendations?


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    I tried editing the amp thread and was unable to, due to the restriction on the number of images in a post. I was given the option to delete it instead. I can understand a limit if LTG was hosting, but I don't understand the need if we are just linking from elsewhere.
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