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Thread: Welcome Home!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuildFS4612CE View Post
    Glad we're back. A big THANKS! to Don.

    Missed the spammer...but I've heard that a lot of that stuff is automated now...human touch not necessary. But we always knew they weren't human.
    All that stuff is scripted now. It still takes humans to clean up the mess, though!
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    Found my way back; I had to reboot my router and clear browser cache …
    Thanks Don!
    Markus :)
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    Hi together, a long time I was not here, then the forum was down. Today I looked for another try - it works! Fine software, I know it from other (german) forums. Fine to be back - thanks!

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    Thanks, Don, for your hard work on our behalf!

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    Thanks for arranging the search for old posts.
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    Life is good. Welcome back, friends. Grab a coffee and stay a while. :)

    Let the Guild games continue.
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    Growing old is a bitch.
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    Whew! We're back! The withdrawal symptoms were getting unbearable!

    Don, you are my idol. Thank you thank you thank you.

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    Aha! Found ya. Good to be back.

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    Don't post much here. I mostly read. Thanks to the folks over at the Gretsch Pages for the (2) redirects.
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