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Thread: Welcome Home!!!

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    Glad to be back! :D

    Thanks for all, Don!

    All the best,

    Louise: 1993 - DV52 NT

    "I have nothing against the progress, but when death progresses, I prefer to live Indian" - El Patara, Arak Pacha

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    This is great! Thanks to Don, and whomever else who had a hand in the transition.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dklsplace View Post
    Also set tighter requirements on new registrations after the spammer got in this morning.
    That was a crazy guy! Just like a virus he spread around and changed his username. I wonder how those guys find such forums at such an early minute after you went online again...Anyway, thanks for kicking this guy out and cleaning up the mess he left!

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    :) Way to stay on top of it, Ralf.

    (and welcome back!)
    Quote Originally Posted by Neal
    I am going to hang onto this little F-20 and play it as a reminder that life is sometimes rough, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the damage you accrue along the way defines who you are.
    Quote Originally Posted by marcellis
    Growing old is a bitch.
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    Glad we're back. A big THANKS! to Don.

    Missed the spammer...but I've heard that a lot of that stuff is automated now...human touch not necessary. But we always knew they weren't human.

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    Thank you so much, Don!

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    Big kudos to Don for his efforts on behalf of the faithful.
    Now, where were we....? ;)

    "Just give me one extra season, so I can figure out the other four."

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    Here I am.
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    Yes indeed! A mighty Big Thank you to Don, for all he does and has done, in making this place happen. Cheers to you Sir.
    John, "SouthernGuild"
    '"Tune it up. Play a song. Lets just see what haunts it."

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    Thanks again for all your efforts, Don. It's great to be "home" again.
    My avatar is what it is for a reason.

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