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Thread: Welcome Home!!!

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    Welcome Home!!!

    Thanks everyone for your patience as we've moved into the next stage of life for LTG. Hopefully we'll have a long & favorable run here at our new home on the web. FYI, this is a new installation of vBulletin, so there may be some differences to the previous temp installation. We'll do our best to work through the issues, and please do what you can to help other members find their way back. I know a number of folks weren't able to get access to the temporary board last month, so please help us bring them all home! Thanks again, Don

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    Alright! We're back!

    I can already see a couple of issues, but....

    We're back!!!

    Let's Stalk Guilds!

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    Wow!! Back up, and earlier than expected!! This is good news. Thank you, Don, for all your hard work and trouble.... it is greatly appreciated!!
    Tom in Vegas

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    Just found out that we are online again! Maybe somebody can send a message to the Yahoo group or to LTG Facebook that we are back!Ralf

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    I've fixed a few bugs related to the login box, and the forgot password redirect. Also set tighter requirements on new registrations after the spammer got in this morning.

    Only active a few hours & most users online has already passed 50.

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    Woo, Hoo! We're out of the alley and back in the Club House!

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    It is good to be back!! Thanks, Don!
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    Good to be online in our new home. Thanks, Don!!!!
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    Growing old is a bitch.
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    Thanks, Don, for bringing us through the fire to the other side! Very much appreciated! You're da man, Don! :D

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