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Thread: Do you smell your guitars

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    My g/f paints guitars and often sniffs the lacquer on old guitars.
    You can relic a guitar to look very believable, but you can't fake the smell of old guitar wood and cases.

    I have a recent Reverend Guitar that smells like Cupcakes.
    Other guys with the same model/color say the same thing!

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    What the he11, let's resurrect this thread. As I said in a different thread, the case for my D64 smells like the soundhole, although not as strong. Yes, I love the smell!

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    My DV smells exactly like the old wooden pews on a steamy, sticky Illinois August Sunday in the church I grew up in 55 years ago. When I open my case it's like a time machine! Smells like...well...heaven.

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    My S-300A smells just like the cheap beer we used to drink around bonfires on the beach at Cape Cod during summer vacation. Every time I open the case I think tonight's the night I get lucky!
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    So does this mean when a group of LTGers get together the first thing they do is sniff soundholes to see who is friendly?
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    So does this mean when a group of LTGers get together the first thing they do is sniff soundholes to see who is friendly?
    I've always said that man could learn a lot from dogs!

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    I smell before I buy. If they dont have tobacco, beer and hot sweat mojo .... I pass.

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    Yes I do smell all my guitars, quite often -- it is very relaxing. However, I have a 2000 D55 I've named "old smokey" because it smells like an old dive bar that has just opened for the day -- stale and smokey with funky accents. Although, I really don't have to stick the smeller in the sound hole because it just sort of comes to me when I open the case. But it's my favorite guitar in my herd. Obviously it had a hard, working life before I bought it.

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    Do I smell my guitars? No, but I've been known to lick them every now and then.
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    Yikes. I think my attempt at humor was a buzz kill...

    [Post Deleted]
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