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Thread: Do you smell your guitars

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    My g/f paints guitars and often sniffs the lacquer on old guitars.
    You can relic a guitar to look very believable, but you can't fake the smell of old guitar wood and cases.

    I have a recent Reverend Guitar that smells like Cupcakes.
    Other guys with the same model/color say the same thing!

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    What the he11, let's resurrect this thread. As I said in a different thread, the case for my D64 smells like the soundhole, although not as strong. Yes, I love the smell!

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    My DV smells exactly like the old wooden pews on a steamy, sticky Illinois August Sunday in the church I grew up in 55 years ago. When I open my case it's like a time machine! Smells like...well...heaven.

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    My S-300A smells just like the cheap beer we used to drink around bonfires on the beach at Cape Cod during summer vacation. Every time I open the case I think tonight's the night I get lucky!
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    So does this mean when a group of LTGers get together the first thing they do is sniff soundholes to see who is friendly?
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    So does this mean when a group of LTGers get together the first thing they do is sniff soundholes to see who is friendly?
    I've always said that man could learn a lot from dogs!

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    I smell before I buy. If they dont have tobacco, beer and hot sweat mojo .... I pass.

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    Yes I do smell all my guitars, quite often -- it is very relaxing. However, I have a 2000 D55 I've named "old smokey" because it smells like an old dive bar that has just opened for the day -- stale and smokey with funky accents. Although, I really don't have to stick the smeller in the sound hole because it just sort of comes to me when I open the case. But it's my favorite guitar in my herd. Obviously it had a hard, working life before I bought it.

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    Do I smell my guitars? No, but I've been known to lick them every now and then.
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    Yikes. I think my attempt at humor was a buzz kill...

    [Post Deleted]
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