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Thread: Do you smell your guitars

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    Question Do you smell your guitars

    I know, that's a weird thread title. I recently took my Carvin SH225 (on the left) out of the case and, for some reason, stuck my nose in the f-hole.

    I was immediately transported back to the church I went to as a child. Wooden pews. Weird right? I haven't been to that church in 40 years. Then I got out the X-175 (center).

    Stuck my nose into the f-hole and was in my grandmother's apartment in Hamburg, Germany in 1970. I was 12 or 13 and she had died. My mom and I flew over there to settle her affairs. We climbed the stairs to her floor and stepping into her apartment for the first time, I was struck by the smell of heavy, old-world, solid wood furniture. The X-175 smells exactly like that! Now, every time I smell the guitar I am transported back there. They say that the sense of smell is closely linked to emotional memory. I'd guess that this is probably limited to archtops where a lot of unfinished wood surface area is exposed to the air. The new guitars I own smell like glue and don't take me anywhere. Have you ever smelled your guitars?

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    Excellent topic presentation !
    Kinda like a fresh mowed lawn always reminds me of Saturday summer mornings,
    sitting on the front porch after dad had cut the grass the evening before.
    Always takes me back.
    Unfortunately I get nuthin' from my vintage acoustics.
    I've had them in my possession less than 12 years.
    No memorable fragrances yet.
    ~ Roger

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    Hey Park,

    Nice way to tell a story.

    I love to smell my dreadnought, but the memories I get are far behind of being so poetic and historic as yours. Nonetheless, smells have always taken me back to certain circumstances, moments or places. Their power to evoke different emotions is incredible.

    Nice guitars, BTW. :D

    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Park View Post
    I know, that's a weird thread title....... stuck my nose in the f-hole.....
    LOL.....I would have worded that a little differently......

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    Yes I smell them and they smell good but I don't get any memories out of it. That's quite something, having to think of your long deceased grandma when smelling your guitar.

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    Hey Park, the only guitar in those pictures that looks familiar is the Guild. What are the others? ;)

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    For me, sounds and songs transport me. Smell doesn't quite as much, but sometimes I smell a particular fragrance and I remember an ex that I'd like to have forgotten...

    I loved your story telling. :) And yes, I do smell my guitars. Just for fun.
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    I don't smell them on purpose, but here it is: My Martin HD28 smells like fresh wood, ever since I bought it new. My Guild 2010 F512 and 2007 F50 both smell like red licorice (the candy). I asked a few folks from the Guild factory at LMG III, and they did not care to reveal what was done to the guitars (or cases) to make them smell that nice. But I do like it, and they have had that nice fragrance for about 3 years now. It smells like candy flavored air freshener or something.


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    Quote Originally Posted by guildman63 View Post
    Hey Park, the only guitar in those pictures that looks familiar is the Guild. What are the others? ;)
    In the first picture are a 1982 Carvin SH225 (body made by Höfner) and a late model Höfner Verythin. On either side of the (1976) X-175 are 1977 Hagström D'Aquistos (Hagström Jimmy), made in Sweden.

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    It has been said that of all our senses, our sense of smell is the one that is most closely associated with memory.
    I would have to agree with that and your post seems to bear out the concept. ;)

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