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Thread: LTG facebook group

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    LTG facebook group

    Hi folks,
    I threw that up on FB during the last outage, just to have some kind of fallback incase the outage turned out to be more of a problem for Don than it already was. Feel free to join, but I'll be in and out the next couple of days, so it may take a bit to get added. Hopefully things will go smoothly with the changeover and we can all go back to posting pics of Treem as a lolcat. ;-)
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    Re: LTG facebook group

    In addition or as an alternative there is the LTGStatus mailing group. See this thread. I apologize for requiring folks to log in and access a link to get instructions but when the addresses were out in the open, I was deluged with requests for access from entities who have no reason for subscribing other than to harvest addresses and send unsolicited commercial messages.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

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