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Thread: Lets see them pedal boards!

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    Aww com'on Walrus, not gonna let a little Suomi bother you?

    Note the Vox coil-cord, probably to add just that proper bit of capacitive-loss before all the gain from that board! Nice touch.
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    Wow, Larry started this post a LONG time ago. Don't hear from him much these days. I hope he's doing okay.
    Tom in Vegas

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    Last visit for Larry was June 2013.
    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post

    And I like Harry's approach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by idealassets View Post
    Is that a Janglebox 3? I use my JB 2 all the time with various settings depending on what guitar I am playing. I like using the boost and other settings in the event that a sound man doesn't get around to balancing my guitar, I can do it remotely.
    I just found the old email from Steve Lasko at JangleBox. There were 2 silver JB2's. One was made for export to Europe, and I believe has a different power capacity. The other was an experimental type with a "diode bridge," which is the model I have. No other JB has a diode bridge, according to the email, and that model is a personal favorite among some JB staffers.

    "This is the only JangleBox to use a diode bridge power jack, so you can use either pin-negative OR pin-positive adapters"
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    Here's my current board

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    I didn't previously know that particular JB existed. My JB-2 is in my board for my Ric 12 string, but after experimentation I have settings for all my guitars including 6 string acoustics.

    JB's are not cheap, so I can see why many guitarists resort to using a different brand. Once I am sold on a particular component I learn to like it. Guitar center will take trade-in's especially on good condition effects pedals, but always at a considerable reduction in value.
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    small goto-one for sessions and recordings:

    and big one for my band:

    plus a Line6 relay 30 if useful.
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    This is almost my current setup. I exchanged the Flint for a Blue Sky reverb and the CC Hybrid fuzz has since given way for a Pharaoh fuzz which I already had once but sold it because I had an Orange amp and they don't like 'em pedals too much. Now that I have the 2204 JMP I feel like I should buy again all the pedals I once had :D

    I have a Voodoo Lab Pedalpower 2+ as the power source. The little yellow pedal is a custom built Trivibe. Love it. It has definitely survived my board for the longest.

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