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    Forum-related Lingo FAQ

    What follows is a bunch of abbreviations, terminology, and just factoids to help people navigate the waters around here. Some of this is just web-speak, but most of it is specific to guitars/amps/Guild stuff in general. If something belongs on this list, PM a moderator with additions or corrections:

    A = Auditorium (e.g., A-25)
    AB = Antique Burst
    Archie or Archback = A Guild made with a distinctly arched back, made from a laminated process that does not require braces on the back. E.g., the F-50 model.
    ARCOS = MIM Guilds. Some folks have theorized that this means "arches" and might relate to the arched-back of these models.
    Arthur = Arthritis. The bane of aging guitar players everywhere!
    Ax or Axe = a player's musical instrument. usually a guitar, sometimes a bass and I once heard a sax player drop the "s".
    Beesley = Ted Beesley, author of "Guild Guitars"
    Bible (The) - See "Old Testament"
    BIN = Buy It Now (a fixed price on eBay, not an auction)
    BL, BLD = Blonde
    BLK = Black
    BTW = By The Way
    BR = Brown
    BRW, Braz = Brazilian Rosewood
    BTDT = Been There, Done That
    C = cutaway or carved heel, e.g., D-100C
    CE = cutaway (with) electronics
    CH = Cherry
    CMG = Cordoba Music Group, purchased Guild from Fender in 2014.
    CO = Contemporary Series, short-lived models built in Tacoma featuring bolt-on necks.
    Corona = California - Fender's facility where Guilds were made for a while
    CV = Another one of the Contemporary Series, (see CO above)
    CYNNH = see ya in New Hartford
    D = dreadnought (e.g,.D-25)
    Dog Tucker = dog food... i.e., crap, shagged, clapped out (courtesy of coastie! :))
    Doris = Any NZ female
    DV = Dreadnaught Vintage (e.g., DV-52)
    EIR = East Indian Rosewood
    F = Folk (e.g., F-30). There are a lot of "F" models, the only thing you can say is that they aren't dreadnoughts.
    FART = Fingers Are Really Tired
    FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions.
    Florentine Cutaway = pointed (sharp) guitar cutaway, not round like Venetian
    FWIW = For What It's Worth
    G = Gruhn (see below), e.g., GF25 = Gruhn Folk 25
    GA = Grand Auditorium (Taylor body style, not Guild)
    GAD = Guild Acoustic Design, MIC guitars, later appearing as the "100" series and (later) the "Westerly Collection" series
    GC = Grand Concert (Taylor body style, not Guild)
    GAS = Guitar Acquisition Syndrome (or "Guild", if you like)
    Ghost - early style of Guild label.
    Gibby = Gibson
    GL*** = Good luck ...
    GLWTS = Good luck with the sale
    GOAT = Greatest of All Time
    Grot = proprietor of
    Gruhn = George Gruhn, usually in reference to the "Gruhn era" or "Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars"
    Gruhn era = 1986 - 1988 after Guild was sold by Avnet to investors including Jerre Haskew (former Guild president)
    GSR = officially "Guild Special Run," but derived from Guild Summit Retreat (when dealers made custom orders)... means custom runs of 20 units by New Hartford
    GV = Gruhn Vintage
    Hans = Hans Moust, author of "The Guild Guitar Book" (see Old Testament) and most generous source of time and info here on LTG
    HB = Humbucking Pickup
    HH = Humbucker Hater
    HMMOGG! = Holy Moly Mother of Guild Goodness!
    Hobo = a Guild made in the old Neumann Leathers building on Observer Highway in Hoboken, New Jersey. See Old Testament.
    Hog = ma"HOG"any wood
    HoG = House of Guild (a possible misinterpretation of the aforementioned abbreviation for mahogany :) )
    IIRC = If I recall correctly
    IMO, IMHO, IMNSHO = In my (not so humble) opinion
    J = Jumbo
    JF = Jumbo Folk (e.g., JF-30)
    JV = Jumbo Vintage
    LMFAO = laughing my f'ing arse off
    LMG = Let's Meet Guild, events held at the shop in New Hartford attended by LTG members. Four of these were held from 2010 through 2013.
    LTG = where you are! :)
    M = Mahogany, e.g., D-25M (finish color on post '74 D-25s, sometimes seen on transitional models with true mahogany tops)
    MAP = Minimum Advertised Price (the lowest you'll see a dealer-advertised guitar for unless a dealer wants to be spanked by the manufacturer), see MSRP and Street
    Mountie = an LTGer who reports counterfeit merchandise, calls out sellers for fraudulent claims and protects other members in cyberspace.
    MIC = Made in China (see GAD)
    MIJ = Made in Japan (not Guilds, but many others, including some Takamine and Ibanez clones that were Guild-like)
    MIK = Made in Korea (see Newark Street Series)
    MIM = Made in Mexico (see Arcos)
    MIRC = Reclamation company that sold Guilds. Factory reject guitars that came without warrantee. Usually accompanied by sticker overlaid on label and "USED" stamped on back of headstock.
    MOP = Mother of Pearl.
    MOTS = Mother of Toilet Seat, plastic material that looks vaguely pearlescent. "Affectionate" term in contrast with MOP.
    MSRP = Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price, see also MAP and Street
    MXXXXX = Martin
    NAD = New Amp Day
    NB = "Nature Boy" (e.g., seen on S-100s)
    NCL = Nitrocellulose Lacquer
    New Testament = The as-yet unpublished Volume II of Hans' Guild Guitar Book (see "Old Testament")
    Newark Street Series = Re-issue, partly re-engineered, MIK electric guitars, based on Hoboken-made instruments (some provided by LTGers).
    NGD = New Guitar Day (Now famous)
    NH / N.H. = New Hartford, CT -- Home of Guild US production from 2009 - 2014.
    NOS = New Old Stock, in Guild lingo would be applicable to a new item (previously unsold) that was built some time ago.
    NSFW = Not Suitable For Work. On LTG, usually used in jest as in "drool-inducing" or "guitar porn."
    NT = Natural Top (NaTural - as in *not* stained or sunbursted, showing the wood's natural color), or Natural Tone
    OHSC = Original Hard Shell Case
    Old Testament = The Guild Guitar Book, The Company and the Instruments, 1952-1977, Hans Moust
    OMG! = Oh My God!
    OP = Original Poster
    Orpheum = A series of acoustics that Guild might've produced pre-war, spearheaded by Ren Ferguson.
    OT= Old Testament (see above)
    Oxnard = (California) Home of Guild US production from 2016.
    PM = Private Message (from one LTG user to another)
    PU, Pup or P'up = Pick Up
    SAS = String Acquisition Syndrome. See GAS.
    SB = Sunburst
    SME = Subject Matter Expert
    Snakehead = the shape of a Gruhn-era headstock (which tapers off a bit at the crown)
    SSH = Single Coil - Single Coil - Humbucker (for pickup configuration of the various "super-strat" style guitars of '80s)
    Street (Price) = The price you can expect to pay for an item. Usually lower than MSRP or even MAP. Applies broader than new items.
    SWMBO = She Who Must Be Obeyed, especially relating to NGD and NAD
    Tacoma = Fender purchased Tacoma Guitars and built Guilds there for a while.
    TOM = Tune-o-matic
    TPR = Transparent Red
    TRC = Truss Rod Cover
    TXXXXX = Taylor
    Trev. = Any NZ male
    UST = Under Saddle Transducer, as opposed to magnetic PU or bridge-plate mounted transducers (e.g., K&K)
    V = Vintage
    Venetian Cutaway - Rounded cutaway, not sharp like Florentine.
    Vol. I - See "Old Testament"
    Vol. II - See "New Testament"
    W,TMTATACMB ! = Well, tie me to a tree and call me Brenda !
    Westerly = The home of Guild Guitars (in Rhode Island) for 30 years. See Old Testament.
    Westerly (Collection) Series = Renamed GAD Series (MIC acoustic guitars) by CMG. See "GAD" above.
    WGR = Woodgrain Red
    WWLTGD = What would LTG do?
    WWWHMDW = Wonderful Woman Who Hid My Damn Wallet
    YMMV = Your mileage may vary
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