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Thread: Guild GAD Series Member Reviews

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    Good to hear. Maybe one day GC will carry MIC Guilds.

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    That would be nice WW. However, GC seems to have been in financial turmoil for the past few years much like Best Buy. Buuuuuut I haven't seen any close in a long time so they are still selling gear and very busy on the weekends. I agree with you that MIC Guilds would pretty much blow away anything that is not in the high end room ( and even some in the high end room IMHO ). I am just so accustomed to Guild now that when I pick up even a Martin or Taylor that is under $2500 I am highly unimpressed with all aspects.. I think we have had this convo before.. So I will stop ranting :)
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    I have a 1st gen, maple gadjf12-30. I went through a lot of 12 strings to finally settle on this guitar.
    I never found an American made Guild in my 1500$ price range but I bought and passed along a Martin J12-16gte, a j12-16gt, d12-1, Taylor 355, ga12-3, ga12-4, Blueridge jumbo, Seagull and some other Asian models. All were nice guitars.
    With the exception of the Martin j12-16gte ,which was loud but had terrible string spacing, nothing could match the volume and tone of my Asian built Guild.
    I think, this guitar, with it's solid maple body, ebony fret board, with very clean inlays, and all wood binding, outclasses all of the later Asian efforts from Guild during the Fender plague.
    I added a pick guard from Guild. The one that came on it was ugly and put it in a better, more durable, hard case. It appears to be settling in for the duration.
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