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Thread: DV-72 LTG Member Review

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    My DV-72 NT

    How long have you owned the DV-72: Since 2003
    Year & specific model: 1994 DV-72 NT
    Purchased new or used: Used
    Price paid: $740 (I know...)

    Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

    Build quality 10
    Looks 10
    Projection 10
    Bass [B10
    Mids 10
    Highs 10
    Sustain 10
    Playability/comfort 10
    Dependability 10
    Fingerstyle 10
    Flatpick 10
    Strum 10

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor): Exc? - Because of some minor bellying up below bridge, previous owner must have let it dry out?

    Favorite Strings (one selection only): Have been using Elixir Nanoweb 12's for quite a while, just strung it with Martin SP 12's to try something new.

    Would you buy another if lost/sold: Unquestionably! (If I could find one)

    Overall Assessment:

    Most Appreciated Characteristic: Sound quality - warmth, projection, sounds like a choir of angels. I have tried a lot of Martins and Taylors but none can come CLOSE.
    Least Appreciated: The ONLY negative would be the bellying up. But this may be do to neglect from previous owner.
    Favorite DV-72 Story/Moment: I took my daughter to piano lessons once a week at a local music store. During the lesson I would drool over this guitar hanging on the show room wall. Low and behold, one day my wife and daughter presented it to me as a gift.

    Other observations/comments: I treat this guitar better than I treat myself. If something ever happened to it I would be devastated. The bellying up was present when I got it but since I've been concerned about the problem I took it to a well respected luthier in Eau Claire, WI (2 1/2 hr. drive) to get it checked out. The luthier kept it for a week and told me everything he could think of to try to correct the problem would create another problem. He said to leave it as is and just keep an eye on it for bridge lifting, etc. He also told me most guitar players would kill for action such as my DV-72 NT. I would still like to get the bellying up fixed if at all possible - as long as it wouldn't change any play characteristics. Anybody out there have any suggestions? (Don't feel comfortable shipping my baby - I live in Central WI). By the way, I do keep it humidified religiously of course. No cracks or finish checking.
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