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Thread: D-4 LTG Member Review

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    D-4 LTG Member Review

    How long have you owned the D-4:
    Year & specific model:
    Purchased new or used:
    Price paid:

    Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

    Build quality

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor):

    Favorite Strings (one selection only):

    Would you buy another if lost/sold:

    Overall Assessment:

    Most Appreciated Characteristic:
    Least Appreciated:
    Favorite D-4 Story/Moment:

    Other observations/comments:
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    Re: D-4 LTG Member Review

    How long have you owned the D-4: 7 years, on and off
    Year & specific model: 2000 D4
    Purchased new or used: New
    Price paid: $600-ish

    Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

    Build quality 7
    Looks 7
    Projection 8
    Bass 6
    Mids 8
    Highs 9
    Sustain 8
    Playability/comfort Neck 7, body 5--it's just so darned deep
    Dependability 10
    Fingerstyle 6--string spacing makes this a bit tougher than on my GAD-30R
    Flatpick 6--Wish it had a touch more bass
    Strum 9--This is the guitar's happy place

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor): Good+

    Favorite Strings (one selection only): Pearse 80/20 Lights

    Would you buy another if lost/sold: I bought, sold, and re-bought this guitar. In the interim, I bought ANOTHER D4 off CL that had some issues and I never really bonded with it.

    Overall Assessment: My first American-made acoustic. While there are better guitars out there, this one's a keeper. I don't worry too much about bashing it into stuff, so I actually leave the house with it!

    Most Appreciated Characteristic: The neck, the way it sounds with 3-day old strings on it
    Least Appreciated: Body depth
    Favorite D-4 Story/Moment: About a month ago, I finally had a pro setup done (I'd attempted one myself with mixed results). When I got it home and strummed an E chord, I just about jumped in surprise--it sounded lush, almost like it was running through a chorus pedal. Plays like butter now, and is dead-on in tune up and down the neck. Perfect.

    Other observations/comments: If I ever have a spare $300 or so burning a hole in my pocket, I might talk to a luthier about shaving the braces in the D-4 to coax a bit more bass out of her. Not looking for D-28 depth, but a bit more "growl" would be nice.

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    Re: D-4 LTG Member Review

    here is a hint: simply put some better strings on it! use 12-56 elixier and everything would be fine - you bet?
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    Re: D-4 LTG Member Review

    :D 1996 D-4 12 String. Owned since 1996, has Fishman 9V active installed. Price $750.00. Main gigging guitar, this thing is a Panzer! Everyone loves the sound. It can be tempermental and either stay in tune a whole 2 hour gig or go out in a few places every few songs, mainly the B strings. I blame this on my playing style rather than the guitar. Overall, I would not trade it in for anything! You can see it/hear at at my web page. Thanks, Glengtr3

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    In the last 30 days I purchased two D4's from different sellers. A 2000 and a 1996.

    The 2000 was the first quality guitar I'd ever bought; naturally, I was amazed at the power and depth of the instrument. The 2000 had binding front and back and a "True American" truss rod cover.

    Then, ten days later, came along the 1996. No rear binding, plain TRC. It was cleaned and restrung (Martin SP Light, and differences became immediately apparent. Far superior quality of tone. Much much greater projection. The depth of intonation fails my limited vocabulary. The '96's top is darker, and without the rear binding, it looks a little cheaper. But all that is forgotten when one plays it.

    The sellers of the 2000/1996 D4's wanted $395 & $500. The 2000 needed a repair, cleaning, adjustment, and strings. The 1996 wanted deep cleaning, adjustment, and strings.

    The 2000 has been resold for $450. If I were to sell the 1996, I'd want a whole bunch of crisp Yankee dollars.
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    How long have you owned the D-4: Bought it in 2011 sold it in 2014
    Year & specific model: 1994 D-4NT Westerly
    Purchased new or used: Used
    Price paid: $350 w/ hard shell on Craigslist

    Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

    Build quality 10
    Looks 6
    Projection 10
    Bass 8
    Mids 9
    Highs 6
    Sustain 9
    Playability/comfort 9.5
    Dependability 10
    Fingerstyle 7.5
    Flatpick 9
    Strum 8.5

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor): Good... Someone had painted to the top previously and seller had to try and re-finish it.. Not a great job but considering what they had to work with...

    Favorite Strings (one selection only): Martin Marquis Lights

    Would you buy another if lost/sold: I sold it on Craigslist to get some xmas money.. I had two other Guilds so it didn't bother me so much.. I regret it now.. That thing was a beast and was my first US built Guitar... I also had a K&K pure mini in there and it served me quite well on the gig..

    Overall Assessment: Damn fine guitar for the money... You can find plenty of mid 90's Westetly D-4's for $500 and under and they are really a high quality buy.. This was my first Guild and it was the one that made take a longer look at the Guild brand which led to my owning three more..

    Most Appreciated Characteristic: The arched back for projection ( neck is really nice too - very comfortable and easy play )
    Least Appreciated: Kind of plain jane in appearance
    Favorite D-4 Story/Moment: When I realized a new musical friend owned the D-4 two sellers before it got to me.. And that he was the one who re-surfaced it.. Very wild.. We were in his house and about to jam together for the first time and I pulled the d4 out.. He just stared for a minute, looked at me and said... Hey I re-finished that... that was mine...

    Other observations/comments: I would recommend to anyone on a tight budget looking to make their first step into a good US guitar to look at these.. Grab one on CL or Ebay.. At least on CL you can actually play it first... Throw a K&K in there and put it to the test.. Great guits for the money!!!!
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