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Thread: F-40 LTG Member Review

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    F-40 LTG Member Review

    How long have you owned the F-40:
    Year & specific model:
    Purchased new or used:
    Price paid:

    Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

    Build quality

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor):

    Favorite Strings (one selection only):

    Would you buy another if lost/sold:

    Overall Assessment:

    Most Appreciated Characteristic:
    Least Appreciated:
    Favorite F-40 Story/Moment:

    Other observations/comments:
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    Re: F-40 LTG Owner Review

    Guild GSR F-40
    owned it about 5 months
    made November 2009, sat unbought until I got it -new
    price- very good

    Build quality- 10 exceptional- I see no makers flaws at all.
    Looks- 9 beautiful. I wish it had a back strip on the body but it doesn't - oh well. It has almost the right amount of bling- nice binding and rosette etc. clearly "high end" yet understated.
    Projection - 8 I find the Grand Orchestra size to be perfect. Dreadnought power with a more comfortable body size and shape. The 30 series lacks in this area to me. It may break in to have more projection- its seems to be going that way.
    Bass, Mids, Highs- 9 very balanced. more bass than an F-30, probabaly a little less than a D-40 or D-50 but not much less, maybe the same.
    Sustain- 8(?)seems uh, normal
    Playablility/comfort-10 Deep bodies- like D series, 47 series, bother my shoulder, F-30 lacks power, F-40 is ideal to me with 16" lower bout, 4 and 1/8" body depth, big yet feels small.
    Dependability - time will tell
    Fingerstyle - 9 love it. I guess I might want a 1 3/4 neck but I am adapting
    Flatpick- 9 mainly what I do- excellent- perfect string spacing, power to hang with the band and be heard. why not a 10? (because it's not a Martin D-18)
    Strum- 8 fine

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor): Remains pretty much like new- hasn't left the house but twice

    Favorite Strings (one selection only): Haven't changed'em yet. The factory ones are fine

    Would you buy another if lost/sold: Probabaly not. I would get a F-40 traditional with an Adi top and mahogany back and sides- just my preferred wood combo. I love the cocobolo and Carpathian but I think the Adi/hog might punch through a little better and be more "fundamental"

    Overall Assessment: Nearly excellent.

    Most Appreciated Characteristic: Body shape and performance
    Least Appreciated: Darn it's heavy! just like a lot of Guilds- probably last forever.
    Favorite F-40 Story/Moment: none yet really.

    Other observations/comments: There's not a lot of New Hartford Guilds out there and only time will tell their true excellence, or not. I think they are making jewels there and would happily buy another NH guitar.
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    Re: F-40 LTG Owner Review

    How long have you owned the F-40:About 2 months
    Year & specific model: 2007, Sunburst with DTar
    Purchased new or used:used
    Price paid:$xxxx

    Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

    Build quality-10
    Playability/comfort-8, sometimes I think the action is a little high
    Dependability-10 (so far)

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor):Excellent

    Favorite Strings (one selection only): D'Addario PB

    Would you buy another if lost/sold: Not sure

    Overall Assessment: Very nice guitar, it's become my go to 6 string since I got it.

    Most Appreciated Characteristic:Sound and looks
    Least Appreciated: Action
    Favorite F-40 Story/Moment: Don't really have one.

    Other observations/comments: I put the first ding in the top a recently, not sure when. Makes me realize once again I should play a less favorite guitar after a few beers. It's the only Tacoma made instrument I've ever played, and I think they did a very good job. It seems to be about as neat and nice as my NH 512.
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    How long have you owned the F-40:since august 2016
    Year & specific model:2010 F-40 ATB addie/mahogoney
    Purchased new or used:New-nos
    Price paid:1450

    Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

    Build quality 10--cant find a thing out of place. even has a bit of bearclaw on the upper bout (i love that stuff)
    Looks 10
    Projection 9-its not a dread but the addy top/addy bracing had y wife remarking how 'expressive' she is
    Bass 8 (just enough to not overpower my voice)
    Mids 9
    Highs 10 (sparkling)
    Sustain 9
    Playability/comfort 10
    Dependability 10
    Fingerstyle 9-very comfortable for 1 11/16"
    Flatpick 9 works well with my efforts
    Strum 10

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor): arrived as mint & ive been playing out at church & with a friend & its still almost new HOWEVER-as with nitro finished necks i had to degloss the neck. my sweaty hand sticks otherwise

    Favorite Strings (one selection only): Ernie Ball Paradigim pb med-lts (.12's) had them on for almost a month now & theyre still sounding good

    Would you buy another if lost/sold: if i couuld fnd one

    Overall Assessment: wonderful instrument & glad it finally found me

    Most Appreciated Characteristic: she does have many voices
    Least Appreciated: the D-tar makes her a bit heavy
    Favorite F-40 Story/Moment: i let my wife unpack her as i was still recovering in calif. she sent pictures saying she wanted to name her :)

    Other observations/comments: the ATB burst is gorgous
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