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Thread: D-55 LTG Member Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;1448841
    How long have you owned the D-55: 1 month
    Year & specific model: 2001 westerly d55 sunburst, fishman agp-2
    Purchased new or used: used
    Price paid: just right

    Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

    Build quality 10
    Looks 11
    Projection 9
    Bass 9
    Mids 9
    Highs 9
    Sustain 10
    Playability/comfort 10
    Dependability 10
    Fingerstyle 10
    Flatpick 10
    Strum 11

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor): excellent
    Would you buy another if lost/sold: absolutely
    Overall Assessment: finally found my ideal d55. Everything I want in a guitar.
    Plays like a dream, but you gotta have the eye candy too and this is a beautiful instrument. Love the factory installed electronics too. Fairly rare option. So clean it doesn't even have a strap peg installed yet. Yummy.
    Least Appreciated: huh? Ok...mmmmmm... Maybe there's a little wear on the tuner finish. I guess I also wish I could more easily determine it's build date. It would be nice to have a yearly birthday party.
    Favorite D-55 Story/Moment: had this shipped 200 miles in single digit temperatures. I spent a terrified 24 hours before opening the case and found it in perfect condition!

    01 D55
    93 Takamine FP350smc sb
    58 Hammond B3
    62 Hammond M3
    08 Yamaha Motif XS8
    Tuners are an easy fix. Look inside the soundhole at the neckblock and that will give you a date during which the guitar was being assembled. Then check your serial# against the dating chart. That should get you pretty close.

    West ... nt=widgets

    '79 D25
    '89 JF30 12
    '94 DV72
    '95 DV73
    '98 DV52
    '00 D30
    '13 Collings CJ G SS

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    Quote Originally Posted by suave eddie View Post
    How long have you owned the D-55: 8 years
    Year & specific model: D-55 NT
    Purchased new or used: Used
    Price paid: $1000 incl OHSC

    Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

    Build quality 10
    Looks 10
    Projection 10
    Bass 10
    Mids 10
    Highs 10
    Sustain 10
    Playability/comfort 8
    Dependability 10
    Fingerstyle 10
    Flatpick 10
    Strum 10

    Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor): Excellent Looks new except gold plating worn on tuners

    Favorite Strings (one selection only): D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Light (so far)

    Would you buy another if lost/sold: Yes

    Overall Assessment: Best acoustic guitar I have owned

    Most Appreciated Characteristic: Projection and Balance
    Least Appreciated: Weight and neck width at nut could be wider
    Favorite D-55 Story/Moment:

    Other observations/comments:

    I have a new favorite string that I recently tried--John Pearse 610LM Silk Phos Bronze .

    "The exciting new SILKS sets mark a departure from orthodox acoustic string design. Formulated for the electric guitarist who doubles on acoustic, this set features a never before possible "playing ease" tension married with the warmth and projection for which our acoustic strings are famous. Our triple annealed mild steel is pulled through a draw plate to make an extra skinny core. Onto this is wound a silk multifilament which cushions a phospor bronze winding. This is NOT a silk and steel set. The natural edginess of the phosphor bronze winding is tempered by the silk cushion to produce a tone that studio players everywhere are likening to our 80/20 bronze sets after they have been played in. Steve Sheehan, lead guitarist with the Judds, asked us to make this set. Guitarists all over America are thanking him!"

    So far so good--a bit less tension with the same gauge with no sacrifice in sound.

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