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Thread: Earthlink & Mindspring email addresses

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    Earthlink & Mindspring email addresses

    If you have an earthlink or mindspring email address as your active address here, you likely are not receiving any notifications of private messages, emails from other members, or activity notifications if you've subscribed to a particular thread.

    It would seem the IP that LTG sends mail through has been blocked as a bad, or spam IP by these companies. In doing a little research, it appears that some companies (these in particular) have begun blocking a range of IP's that belong to "competing" companies for no other reason than they are the competition.

    If you have one of these email addresses, please consider creating a gmail, or hotmail account & updating your profile here. Notices of bounced or blocked emails come back to LTG's default account regularly.

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    Re: Earthlink & Mindspring email addresses

    It's particularly funnny since these two isp's were two of the absolute WORST spam offenders in the 90's...I think they're trying to get back at isps who started blocking them, earthlink in particular.

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