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Thread: fretless M-85

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    So volume/pan/filter + Q-switch? How many positions is the Q-switch?

    I tend to just have the Q-switch set to +0 - the filter will still make a difference but not as brash as with the Q boosted. But it's worth it to experiment!

    (My fretless AleM-85 has mono Anniversary electronics, so separate volume/filter & Q-switch for each pickup, and pickup selector. Normally Anniversary electronics also can be switched between stereo & mono - I have that setup on my 5-string Stanley Clarke bass)

    Is this once going to get the roundwounds?

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    Hieronomo- Thanks again for your help with getting it rolling.

    Mine is the volume/pan/filter + w2 position Q. Pretty simple, especially compared with the rig on the red JS-II.

    Jazz Rounds on both, for the moment anyway.

    The new one is way different than the red one. More akin to my Rickenbacker in many ways.

    The two Guilds will be a great gigging pair.

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    Played it at some volume at a practice today. Through an Orange �� Terror 500 and two 1x15" cabs. It has a really nice open sound. Different than through my regular home rig.

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    Any updates? I think this bass deserves its own thread!

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    I have a gig coming up in a couple of weeks so I need to figure out which bass(es) I am going to take. The AleM-85 is definitely in the running, so it's out on a stand, with my new Bass Forest Guardian on duty - Kismet! She is going to be 20 in October!

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    Nice picture. Thank you. If this were Facebook this post would be reduced to a simple Like (or maybe Love since Kismet looks so contented).
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    This space available.

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    Awww Kismet, 20 years old and still so pretty!

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    Thanks! She is really an amazing cat, in great shape given her age - she plays every day! Kind of like the bass, come to think of it...

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    Looks like one of my cats at four years old now. A big litter under the shed, I took in two.


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    Just put up a recording where I played the AleM-85 - it starts pretty mellow and spacey but builds to a screaming climax lol - my guitar player is amazing! I had it going through my GK combo, but on the recording it's the direct signal, re-amped through my Alembic F-2B preamp, with some added Z Vex Mastotron fuzz near the end. I should have practiced on it more, I was pretty rusty when we played but I was so happy to have my drummer up from LA - this session was the first time we played together in two years!

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