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Thread: fretless M-85

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    It's a little puzzling, but not unexpected since it's a new product offering.

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    Well, it's always something. It's not a simple drop in. There must be a big difference between the routing on Hieronymous' M-85 and this JS-II. But it can be overcome with some woodworking.

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    I had a reissue bridge hanging around so I gave it a try.

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    Very cool! Now we need some demo clips!

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    I no longer have much home studio recording capacity so it'll be a while. I'd like to A-B it against my Dark Starred JS-II.

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    Yeah, that would be cool! Do you have the same strings on both?

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    Yes. For the moment. But I pick it up tomorrow.

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    Ooh, yay! Looks very nice, can't wait to hear how it sounds.

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    The black bass is noticeably heavier than my red one. So perhaps it colors my first impressions. But the Guilembric does sound more heavy and gutsy.

    I only altered the tone using the pickup sweep and turning the Q switch on and off. Plenty of variation but I'll fiddle with the tone switch as well next time. Just three knobs and the Q switch so fewer controls than on the pre-amp on the red fella.

    It sounds like an Alembic!

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