Making this as brief as I can as my 10 month old tries to climb on me... :)

The old forum was hosted through a service, which is along the same lines as ezboard. It was pretty simple stuff, but over the past couple years there have been recurring problems with the level of customer service provided by the owner & admin...seemingly an individual, not a company. In the last year, all of the volunteer staff has resigned after many months of frustration in attempting to offer help to paying customers, only to have the owner/admin disappear for weeks/months at a time.

At the time of our last 6-month subscription, there were yet more problems. So I decided it was time to look at alternatives for hosting since I'm no longer confident that the hosting service will even be around in the next year, let alone be able to recover from any serious outages.

So here we are! Glad to have you all aboard!