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  1. Great informational post regarding spruce by Harry, aka gilded

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    Adirondack Spruce trees and Sitka Spruce trees grow in different places in the North American Continent and at different elevations. Adirondack Spruce is often found at higher elevations and is a slower-growing tree than Sitka.

    Here is some info about the two varieties of spruce from Wikipedia articles:



    Flat top Gibson and Martin 'tops' before WW II were made from Adirondack Spruce. People got used to the sound of Adirondack instruments and a lot of the iconic sounds of the '30's and '40's recordings come from lightly-braced, Adirondack-topped instruments.

    In the guitar manufacturing world, Sitka came into use when companies such as Gibson made wartime products like wing spars for gliders. My guess is that wood-product manufacturers needed a steady source of good, knot-free hardwood to accomplish their wartime goals and Sitka
  2. Welcome Home!!!

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    Thanks everyone for your patience as we've moved into the next stage of life for LTG. Hopefully we'll have a long & favorable run here at our new home on the web. FYI, this is a new installation of vBulletin, so there may be some differences to the previous temp installation. We'll do our best to work through the issues, and please do what you can to help other members find their way back. I know a number of folks weren't able to get access to the temporary board last month, so please help us bring them all home! Thanks again, Don